Tranquil Moon Events


I’m a designer,

obsessed organizer,

color coder,

perfectionist, facilitator

and proud Mommy


     From an early age, I've had an obsession with all things planning and a passion for the creative world. Growing up, I knew I wanted a career in the design industry. That creative desire first led me to pursue my degree in kitchen and bath design where I developed a deeper love for the design process.

     During my career as a kitchen and bath designer, I planned my own wedding and fell in love with the process. I discovered that wedding planning was where my heart was and I decided to transition into the event industry. My design background was a natural fit for this, but I wanted to learn more! I attended The Wedding Academy and earned multiple certifications in wedding planning and styling.

     After helping multiple couples I can certainly say that I made the right decision. It's so special being a part of such an important day in our couples' lives. I love getting to know each and every client and bringing their vision to life so much that I decided to share the love...


I’m a creator, strategist, problem solver,

optimist, obsessed list maker, multitasker,

and proud Mimi


     I’ve been a business owner for too many years to count and have enjoyed the various roles involved in business management and production. My background in the printing industry has allowed me to build decades-long relationships with both customers and vendors and I find those relationships to be truly rewarding. Attention to detail in this industry is paramount and has always been in the forefront of my mind. My strong sense of organization and planning have been naturally incorporated into everything I do. It’s a part of who I am.

     After my kids grew up, helping to plan both of their weddings made me realize this could be my dream job. When Christina asked me to join forces with her, I knew we were made for this. Every step of the business and learning process has solidified that fact.

We truly love what we do. We understand that planning a wedding can be an incredibly overwhelming experience for a couple and we promise to provide you with continuous, invaluable guidance throughout your wedding planning journey. At Tranquil Moon Events your wedding will be our ultimate priority. We will strive each and every day to bring the best of all of our experience and knowledge into every job we take on. 


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